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About Parkour

Parkour is a non-competitive discipline which offers great freedom and possibilities for anyone. It stimulates creativity, builds confidence, and creates a novel approach to challenges of all kinds. Parkour provides essential skills and a valuable mindset for life. Originally, Freerunning, L’Art du Deplacement, and Parkour have slightly different mindsets and focuses. However, most traceurs and tracueses do not practice strictly one discipline, and the names are often used interchangeably. In fact, for most it has a personal meaning.


Embark on a captivating journey through the evolution of parkour and its roots.

Unspoken rules

Understand the unwritten code of conduct that shapes the parkour community.

Injury rate

Explore insightful statistics and analysis on the frequency and types of injuries related to parkour.

Practical Tips

Injury prevention

Discover essential techniques and practices to minimise the risk of injuries while pushing your limits.


An overview of recommended clothes, gear, and equipment for parkour, freerunning, and art du déplacement (ADD).

Disclaimer: Parkour involves inherent risks. Always prioritise safety and practice within your abilities. Consult with a professional before starting any new exercise regimen.

Recommended Articles & Talks

A Call to Arms

An article from Blane that holds true today as it did in 2012.

An article from Blane about the threats to the essence of parkour and calling to arms the parkour community to defend the original values that holds true today as it did in 2012.

Why don't more Girls like jumping off walls?

Three Observations from a Female Parkour Athlete

TEDxYouth@Tokyo talk "Why don't more Girls like jumping off walls? Three Observations from a Female Parkour Athlete" from Seneca Schwartz.

Parkour - The Nature of Challenge

A documentary by Obsidian1138 from Northern Parkour

A four-part documentary that strives to gives the most accurate information possible about parkour and the methods and ideas behind it


Zotero Library

An extensive library of parkour related research created by David Pagnon, hosted on Zotero.

Episteme Parkour

A web archive for consulting scientific and academic publications related to Parkour and the Art du Déplacement, classified in the different fields of knowledge.


Find selected Parkour and Martial Arts surveys and surveys from Karakour Nation.