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Challenge yourself physically and mentally, improve creativity, conquer your fears, and have an amazing time!

Explore Movement


Become a well-rounded, versatile, and unstoppable force through the perfect synergy of parkour and martial arts.

Become Well-Rounded

Martial Arts

Boost your self-defense skills, build impenetrable confidence, and develop your very personal martial arts style.

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Parkour Dance (ADD)

Flow with grace through your surroundings, explore movement, improvise, and express yourself creatively.

Flow like Water/ Get creative

Play Parkour

Play with obstacles, let your creativity run wild, try different challenges, be amazed at what you can do, and enjoy a nice soup at the Superette - No Obligations

Rediscover Movement


Explore the supportive, and empowering community of strong, confident, enthusiastic, and like minded women.

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Sessions specifically designed for seniors to stay active, improve cognitive function, reduce risk of falling, and to connect.

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Get in the best shape of your life, relieve stress, have fun, experience personal growth, and meet new people.

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Are you not into conventional sports, concerned about your fitness level, or have other doubts? Try a class or come by at Play Parkour!

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Get started on your journey into movement, health and fitness.


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