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NudeRijk - A cheerful and moving neighborhood

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Goal for the neighborhood

In the district 'De Nude' in Wageningen, is a desire to expand the greenery, refurbish the public space and create more connection among residents. There is also a desire for a healthy living environment and for residents to take responsibility for their neighbourhood by carrying out maintenance themselves, organising activities and collecting waste. It shell become a neighbourhood where you live safely, know some of your neighbours, exchange and regularly eat, drink and chat together. Residents shell not have to feel lonely and neighbours shell keep an eye out for vulnerable residents. Children will be able to develop next to school and feel seen and heard. They shell grow up in a neighbourhood where residents care about each other. It shell become the nicest, most inclusive and cosiest neighbourhood in Wageningen. An impulse shell also be given to the efforts of the many residents and professionals. In general, the quality of life in the public space shell be significantly improved, more people shell be on the streets and the neighbourhood shell become cleaner. Taking ownership of places and people spending more time outside shell improve prevention. Furthermore, social control and harmony in the neighbourhood shell increase. Finally, residents shell not only develop a bond with each other, but also with nature.

Desired Approach

In order for people to live in good harmony, to meet, promote a sense of community, and to achieve the other goals, contact between residents with different needs shell be promoted, people shell learn how to meet others in the neighbourhood and further barriers shell be removed. Particular attention shell be paid to opportunities for people with disabilities and people who experience language barriers. In addition, people of different ages, singles, families, students and children from different cultures must be taken into account. To ensure that children can develop more broadly and that there is a greater chance of equality, they shell be exposed to other forms of cultural expression.

This requires sufficient and attractive outdoor space that embroideries the village character and feeling. According to the plan, this also requires a more modern appearance of the environment and that residents reconnect with nature and each other. This also includes modern sports and concepts. The appearance shell be in line with the special 50' infrastructure, the existing greenery and water features. Edible greenery, local biodiversity and nature that connects people are also considered crucial for creating a pleasant and healthy living environment. Neighbourhood greenery managed by the residents and a stimulating, inspiring and informative route with portraits of residents, recipes, a food forest and more shell play a central role in this. Finally, it is considered very important that the district is approached integrally and that there is cooperation with the residents.

Groen van Prinsterer square

For the Groen van Prinsterer square with an emphasis on movement, sports and picnics, additional wishes are mentioned in the 'dorpendeel'. Firstly, it shell be possible to use the square all year round and that residents from different cultures can host meals, including BBQs and picnics. For this it is desired to renew the large table. In addition, the play area shell be renovated in a safe way so that it is suited for the many children with different backgrounds and needs as well as promotes meeting between parents and guardians. Of course, the neighbourhood green with boules de joule shell be retained. In regard to movement, the wish is that people can exercise without paying and whenever they want. This is as for a number of people from this neighbourhood it is not possible for financial or other reasons to go to a gym or sports association. To make sport and exercise accessible to them, exercise/sports equipment is proposed since residents know how to use it without needing an introduction. Another wish are murals. Furthermore, the wish was expressed to equip the football and basketball field with artificial grass, to realise a volleyball field, and to have the possibility to set up a tent for activities. Finally, the square shell become a square for the neighbourhood that does not cause any nuisance. This means, among other things, that it shell not become a hangout, that it shell not be exploited too much by companies and, above all, it shell not cause noise nuisance, as is the case with the 'Calisthenics & Freerun Park' at the Nobelweg, designed by Infinity Freerun and SilverbackZ, which is mainly exploited by the GoalTrainers.

In a nutshell, the goal is to create a pleasant, safe and clean environment that connects people and stimulates movement and health for all residents regardless of age, experience, ability, or background.

First design Groen van Prinsterer square


In the impression you can see that natural elements determine the new. We translated the wish to build upon the water features in the district into a dynamic design. In addition, we keep the neighbourhood green and repair the boules de joule area. We also increased the amount of greenery that can be maintained through the neighbourhood and can contain local biodiversity and edible plants.

Interaction between different groups is crucial for improving connection among neighbours. That is why we opted for a smooth transition between the areas and multi-functionality. This promotes interaction between people of different ages with different interests and skills. The multi-functionality also ensures that the space has value for residents with the most diverse needs and wishes. It makes the space accessible to people with disabilities and everyone else, too. With an inclusive neighbourhood that offers something to everyone in mind, we decided to refurbish the nearby square of the primary school OBS de Wereld, which is part of the cooperation agreement (SOK) of the 'dorpendeal', with artificial grass for football and basketball. Reducing barriers is very important for connecting people, too. Playing and moving play a special role in this. Through the universality of playing, moving, laughing, being creative, exploring and discovering, the activities break down language barriers and barriers across genders, age, and cultures.

Health, movement, and play go hand in hand. To promote exercise and play, it is important that it is as accessible as possible and that there is something for everyone. This means, among other things, that everyone should feel welcome to train in one place and can do so without judgment. There have to be many possibilities for beginners and advanced athletes/ movers. This not only makes it accessible for all levels of experience and skill, it makes it interesting and helps build a supporting community where people help and inspire each other. A supportive community means that new people are more confident to try out moving and can get advice if needed. Furthermore, people have to be able to fit movement in their personal schedule, be able to do it spontaneously without obligations and without needing money or equipment. Ideally, people can sport without requiring a partner or entire team. That is why we have chosen areas that offer as many different possibilities as possible, with the movement park as the centre piece.

In the further development, we will ensure that the park remains interesting in the long term. This guarantees that the enthusiasm and benefits are not short-lived but enable individuals to keep growing and that the neighbourhood benefits in the long term, too. This prevents the appreciation for the park from decreasing and it being neglected. For parkour athletes, one requirement for spots to remain interesting and allow for growth is that they enable traceurs and traceuses to practice flow, find challenges, and be creative no matter their experience. Well-developed parks allow this. Adjustable and upgradeable designs enhance the future-proofing.

Natural Play

We take the natural playground to a higher level by expanding the play options for children. In addition, we make sure that the playground offers opportunities for adults so that they can play and move together with the children. In this way, the playground promotes health among parents and guardians. Of course, playing together promotes the bond between parent and child. We also improve the meeting and rest opportunities for parents and guardians, thus improving social cohesion. By opting for a natural play area, children get emerged in nature, which enhances the bond with nature among the residents. Of course, this area complies with the Commodities Act Decree on Attraction and Play Equipment (WAS).

Pump track

The pump track is a piece of art with a function. It allows people with mountain bikes, wheelchairs, BMXs, skateboards, and other vehicles to ride it completely by "pumping", meaning generating momentum by up and down body movements, instead of pedalling or pushing. On the side, the pump track evolves into a paved walkway that makes the park accessible for people in a wheelchair. The dynamic design represents the dynamic of nature as well as the fluidity of water. The structure represents life, too. It starts at the hill and playground, representing the energy of youth. The bumps symbolise the challenges one encounters during life.

Movement Park

The movement park is the centrepiece. Residents can train Calisthenics, balance, Parkour/freerunning, strength, endurance, and more with a focus on body weight training and using natural and practical movements. As a result, no equipment, not even a ball, is needed, making it accessible to people with a low income. The park integrates slacklining for added versatility and there are (mounts for) punching bags, too! Of course, the park can also be used for warming up for running, hide and seek and strategic games. With creativity, the possibilities are endless! The park offers exercises for everyone, regardless of age, interest, experience, ability or background. For extra inspiration and accessibility, a playful design visualises basic techniques. An option is coloured routes along various obstacles and exercises. In addition, we integrate signs with ideas for exercises in the design.

The myriad of natural and practical movements the park offers build confidence and promote skills for daily living. Good balance helps, for example, to prevent falls and to put on shoes. It is also possible to work on fall breaking in a targeted manner. In addition, the park stimulates creativity, adaptability and social skills. Ultimately, it increases one's capacity for life.

Because people can train alone, the park is also suitable for introverts and people with autism. Freerunning's 'coolness factor' and the open design motivate loiterer to exercise. While training, they develop discipline and perseverance in a playful manner. They learn that they can use situations to their advantage and achieve their goals. In addition, they adopt a healthy lifestyle. They become a valuable part of society!

Multi-functionality means not only efficient use of space. It brings people with different needs, abilities and ages together. Their common interest in moving connects them. In addition, it provides a high user value as it offers something for everyone. The high utility value remains, because residents can always find new challenges and opportunities so that it never gets boring. This in contrast to designs and devices that dictate specific functions. As a result, the residents/ users are careful with their park and keep it tidy. It only needs occasional cleaning with a pressure washer. To further increase the value of and identification with the park of residents, they can create murals.

Sports green

The sports green forms the transition between the active area and the dining area. This area is suitable for flat ground sports as well as for relaxing and chilling with friends and family. Some options include reading a book, laying in the sun, yoga, picnicking, gymnastics, dance, chilling with friends, and Tai Chi. It is also possible to play football with backpacks as goals or to place a badminton net. Finally, a tent for activities can be set up here.

Dining area

We will renew the picnic table at the dining area and supplement it with BBQs so that residents can have different cultural meals together in the open air. This area also includes storage, which can function as a play or sports library. Among other things, balls, badminton nets and other sports attributes can be stored.


This design encourages residents to move, experiment and play. It empowers residents to do their favorite activities and offers something for everyone, regardless of age, experience, ability, background or financial situation. This makes the neighborhood more livable and cheerful. Due to its versatility, high utility value and the large number of interactions, the design contributes to a close-knit neighborhood where people develop their full potential. We see older people playing in parks, integrating ages, and breaking stereotypes. As residents appreciate the park, they are careful with it and prevent litter and the like. Therefore, cleaning and maintenance activities are hardly necessary.

Changing and Collaboration

We consider it important to further adapt and develop this design in collaboration with the residents and local businesses. This is the only way to ensure that the park best meets the wishes and needs of the residents and become a success. Haico from Bransz already suggested connecting the ends of the pump track so that the flow is maintained. The 'aanjager Nuderijk' wants an entrance in the right corner. These and other wishes can certainly be taken into account. We can collect further input, for example, during alternating house meetings, workshops, senior citizens' evenings, sports days and other activities.

In addition to the fact that residents can provide input, it is also possible that they and local companies contribute to the construction. Among other things, they can remove tiles, apply murals, and plant greenery. This makes the park even more personal, which promotes the connection of the residents and their sense of ownership and belonging.

Additional Possibilities & Services

We can also develop a multi-functional garland of connections that functions as an extension of the backyard and further stimulates cohesion. Disabled and elderly people, but of course also other residents can meet each other, for example during the walk to the local supermarket and back. In addition, residents can practice various activities in these multi-functional areas, such as gardening, working outside, eating with flatmates, playing and moving between work. This promotes the health of the residents by combating a sedentary lifestyle and allowing residents to spend more time outside. It also ensures a further increase in interactions and thus combating loneliness.

During the discussions about the square, the 'wijkaanjager' indicated that the residents are reluctant to new things. That is why the 'wijkaanjager' wants to organise workshops where residents can try and experience new activities. I can provide parkour workshops for adults and the elderly. In addition, I can organise parkour improvisation dance workshops. Bransz may give freerun workshops for children.

I can also organise Leave No Trace JAMs and introduction sessions that expand the parkour and freerun community and contribute to a clean neighbourhood. During the introduction sessions, the participants learn the basics, after which they can continue independently and inspire each other. Leave No Trace JAMs focus on cleaning the neighbourhood with pleasure and instilling a feeling of responsibility by the participants for their surrounding. Everyone, including residents with a disability or no experience, can participate in Leave No Trace JAMs.

The 'dorpendeal' mentions the creation of a stimulating, inspiring and informative route along various (neighbourhood) greenery projects with food. These shell be highlighted with signs on which QR codes refer to photos or videos with information and personal stories. For this purpose, life stories and anecdotes of residents shell be collected and captured in images. In addition, various connecting activities that take place in the neighbourhood shell be captured in visual form. It is also indicated that preference is given to working with local companies. Depending on the specific wishes, this can be done by Guido Bartels Photography. If it does not fall within the specialisations of Guido Bartels Photography, Guido Bartels Photography can help find a local photographer or videographer.