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Play Parkour

Rediscover Movement for Free

Rediscover Movement for Free

Get to know parkour in a playful manner and without obligations!

Play Parkour is Karakour Nation's incentive to stimulate movement and health among all demographics.

Rediscover the joy of playful movement. Let your creativity run wild with the obstacles, try different challenges and enjoy a delicious soup at de Superette. Play Parkour offers opportunities for everyone, regardless of age, experience, ability or background.

During Play Parkour, you can playfully and casually explore the world of parkour, with no cost or obligation. A coach is on hand to provide guidance and inspiration, helping you awaken your inner child and discover your true capabilities. You’ll start playing and moving more, as you rediscover the joy of playful movement. Karakour Nation encourages you to take a playful to your surrounding, and see the world as one big playground.

Often we can do more than we think and are only limited by our own believes. During Play Parkour, Karakour Nation invites you to start exploring what you are capable off and explore a new way of movement and fitness, a way where you feel like you are playing outside instead of doing mundane exercises.

Come and visit Play Parkour!

Who:All ages & abilities
Location:Superette, Churchillweg 27
Time:Every Friday, 19.00 - 21.00
Flexible arrival and departure.

The training agreements apply. Participation is at your own risk.

Donations for the time, maintenance of equipment, purchase of new materials, and a permanent location are appreciated. To fully explore Parkour and its benefits, Karakour Nation recommends to join classes.