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Parkour is a holistic movement discipline that anyone can practice, regardless of age, experience, ability, or background. It requires you to adapt to new terrain, different obstacles and varied challenges the entire time, exploring and pushing your physical and mental limits simultaneously. By doing so, Parkour trains the whole individual, not just the athlete. Though in itself a purely individual skill, parkour has always had at its heart a powerful sense of community and social responsibility. Why become strong, capable and effective if you never use it to help others and improve the world around you? The benefits of parkour are immense.

Among other things, parkour improves physical and mental skills, helps develop a mindset to achieve your goals, provides you with freedom of movement and thought throughout life, improves your self-confidence, helps you handle changes and new challenges, enables you to perform daily tasks, and gets you in the best shape of your life. All this while having a great time and feeling like you are playing outside instead of doing mundane exercises. Through the diversity of the training and possibilities, you never get bored. You explore yourself, find your own path, unleash your creativity, get energized, and reduce the risk of injury with the supportive, welcoming, and friendly community.

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Learn, Progress, Transform

Classes are the perfect place to learn the foundations of parkour and then progress along your own path of movement while getting in the best shape of your life.

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    Open Training

    Explore, Adapt, Connect

    Work on your personal challenges, connect with others, get inspired, and build special friendships. Open trainings are also great for personal development and creativity.

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      Parkour Dance

      Flow, Improvise, Create

      Experience the fusion of movement and artistry through Parkour Dance. Unleash your creativity, engage in collaborative exploration, and master fluid motion.

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      Move your legs!

      Energise Your Day with Midday Movement! Boost your productivity, recharge your mind, and give yourself a movement break that's as invigorating as it is fun.


      Parkour is an Outdoor Activity

      Indoor locations can be helpful in picking up the basics faster, but parkour is an outdoor activity. It is therefore important to train outside. There, you learn, among other things, how to use your environment properly and respectfully, interact with other users of public spaces, and manage social anxiety. Additinally, training in the real world and without safety nets enhances personal development. That’s why Karakour Nation takes the group outside as much as possible and recommend outdoor activities.

      Commitment to Excellence

      Karakour Nation takes its practice, and your goals, very seriously and doesn’t believe in just ‘exercise’. Karakour Nation knows achieving results requires time and dedication. Therefore, Karakour Nation only works with those who are committed to making a real change and seeing excellent results.

      The training is designed to enhance the capacity of not just your muscles and joints, but your brains and nervous systems as well as your willpower and spirit. Karakour Nation sees good training as a continuum; an integrated process that allows you to focus on whatever aspects you need to raise up at any given time in your personal development. The Training builds a solid capacity for life and work and enhances performance of the governing system and, subsequently, one’s health. Karakour Nation trains you the way your primal body is meant to be trained – through constant adaptation, practical skill acquisition and raw physicality. You'll grow stronger, faster, more powerful, more agile and more resilient.