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Parkour & Martial Arts Coaching

Be Free & Find Your Way

Mission & Motivation

Increasing the Quality of Life through Parkour and Martial Arts

Ever since I can remember, I practice parkour and martial arts. Both disciplines and the parkour community have given me a lot. I love to see empowered and confident people who can stand up for their needs, thrive, succeed, and enjoy life. In addition, I find Kickstart Kids from Chuck Norris very inspiring. Kickstart Kids provides kids with a perspective, empowers youth with core values and the skills to stand up to gangs as well as to achieve their goals.

Therefore, my mission is to empower people, improve the quality of life, give people perspective, provide them with the mental an physical skills to achieve their goals and stand up for their needs. This I do through the powerful vehicle of parkour and martial arts. In particular, I pay special attention to individual needs while coaching, provide sessions for specific groups, organise special events, and develop environments that conect people while stimulating movement, play, and exploration.