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New parkour park in Wageningen?

The park Wageningen got six years ago, offers very few opportunities for training because of the design and the wide bricks used. Many, if not most, basic vaults cannot be practiced. Over time, the opportunities to practice parkour in Wageningen have diminished as various obstacles and spots for practicing parkour have disappeared. Currently, the yellow walls along the Schaepmanstraat are being demolished. These walls are among the better walls in Wageningen to practice different basic vaults, wall runs, and climb-ups. Some techniques cannot be practiced in Wageningen at all. Only a few combinations can be practiced and no flow. This means that creativity is restricted, too. That is why I started exploring the possibility of realizing a second and good parkour park in Wageningen on December 7th.

Within about a week, it turned out that Corry Floor has taken over the position of Paul-Peter Lindner at the municipality. She indicated that this year she has no time to look at the possibilities for the realization of a parkour park nor at the preservation of the yellow walls along the Schaepmanstraat. She will inquire with colleagues in January and come back to me if she has follow-up questions and/or answers.
In addition, it turned out that funding of a maximum of €3,000 is available for a sports project under the sports and exercise agreement. Furthermore, it turned out that in the ‘Nude’ district, a working group with a delegation from the municipality, Sportservice Wageningen, primary education, the inhabitants, the housing association, and Solidez are working on improving social cohesion. Additional subsidies are available from the province for this, and Berry Hellegering of Sportservice Wageningen is working on improving cohesion through sport. Berry Hellegering suggested I present the idea of a parkour park to the working group.

Meeting with Sportservice Wageningen and Solidez in planning

The working group on improving cohesion comprises several committees. Berry Hellegering from Sportservice Wageningen handles organizing communal activities and Maarten Boele from Solidez creating meeting places. Meeting places include sport-/play-facilities and picnic benches.

Berry Hellegering suggested a meeting together with Maarten Boele in mid-January to discuss the ideas. He also indicated that they can advise/support in increasing the chances of the realization. We are now planning a meeting.

Investigation of Different Parkour Park Designs and Designers

I investigated different designs and designers. Some designers and companies I investigated are Onur Eran (Netherlands), Street Movement (Denmark), Yalp, Parkour Visions, and Parkour Designs. During the investigation, Parkour Designs turned out to be vastly superior to other options for this project.

Yalp creates sports- and play areas with playground equipment from Lappset. Many, if not all, layouts from Yalp are identical to those from Lappset. With over 10 - actually over 30 - years of experience in parkour, I noticed that the designs from Yalp and similar companies offer few training opportunities and are vastly overpriced, especially compared to their value for training and the neighborhood. It is easily possible to develop a more versatile park in a smaller area.

The parks from Street Movement, Parkour Visions, and Onur Eren are much more valuable for parkour as they offer many more options in a small area. They offer many options for basic techniques, advanced techniques, flow, combinations, technical challenges, and more. Furthermore, their designs provide possibilities for people of any age and non-parkour activities. The reason for this is that they are specialized in parkour and are traceurs themself. Another advantage is that these companies develop custom designs. Parkour Visions even created a park largely from wood. However, the budget for this park was $300k CAD. These high costs are probably due to the material. Wood tends to rot and become slippery, requiring special wood, treatment, and maintenance.

Parkour Designs is the design department from Parkour Generations which is the worldwide leading parkour organization. Parkour Generations offers coaching, safety testing, the only coaching certificate in collaboration with the founders, and much more. This makes Parkour Designs another very experienced and knowledgeable company in designing parkour parks. What sets them apart from Street Movement, Parkour Visions, and Onur Eran is that they have experience in creating visually attractive parks that fit in the surrounding. Another advantage is their experience in developing multifunctional spaces. These are essential in creating a vibrant neighborhood, cohesion, and value of spaces, according to research and own experience. To achieve the greatest value possible, they work together with the local community and experts from different disciplines. Last, but not least, they have experience in collaborating with local companies. This makes them ideal partners for developing designs that contribute to a cheerful, healthy, colorful, active, close-knit, and pleasant neighborhood.

Meeting with Sportservice Wageningen and Solidez planned

Berry Hellegering from Sportservice Wageningen, Maarten Boele from Solidez, and I will meet tomorrow. We will discuss how a parkour park and multi-functional spaces can be realised and combined with the ongoing project about improving social cohesion. For preparation, I send Berry Hellegering information about parkour, parkour parks, and designers. I especially pointed out the multifunctional designs of Parkour Designs, which improve social cohesion.

Meeting with Solidez and Sportservice Wageningen

The meeting with Maarten Boele of Solidez and Berry Hellegering of Sportservice Wageningen went very well. They like the idea of a parkour/movement park and multifunctional spaces in collaboration with Parkour Designs. Maarten Boele and Berry Hellegering pledged their support for the realization.

They suggested the realization as part of the project ‘NuDe Toekoemst’ about improving the cohesion in the Nude and focusing on using the subsidy from the province. To be eligible for the subsidy from the province, broad support is essential. Furthermore, Maarten Boele and Berry Hellegering requested that citizens and local businesses are involved in the project.

The project NuDe Toekoemst has five themes, which are

  1. creating meeting places,
  2. organizing joint activities,
  3. green,
  4. waste, and
  5. communication.

and meeting places include sports/game facilities and picnic benches. These themes have been assigned to five different working groups. Maarten Boele leads the theme of organizing joint activities and creating meeting places.

Maarten Boele and Berry Hellegering would like for me to be the leader of the activity commission. They pledged to help with demonstrating and creating support and other parts of the project. Among others, they promised to help organize sessions in the community center with children to expand the support. We talked about flyers, presenting my idea at the next meeting, and other strategies, too. I should work out the strategy plan, draw up a budget, and check if Parkour Designs develops spaces in the Netherlands.

First contact with Parkour Designs

James Sutton from Parkour Designs confirmed they design places in the entire world, hence in the Netherlands, too. To estimate the costs, he requires photos of the current situation and information about the spatial dimensions of the areas. He mentioned there may be other ways in which they can assist. We are planning a call.

Call with Parkour Designs

After our first contact on January 8th, Parkour Designs and I had an extensive call today. The call was very productive, and we look forward to working together.

During the call, it turned out that Parkour Designs is familiar with many approaches to improving cohesion and value of spaces that I researched during my studies too. We discussed the situations in Wageningen, some known criteria such as green, dealing with waste, safety, and what the park should offer for parkour. While looking at sustainability, we examined different materials for their sustainability, green appearance, and merging the designs with the surrounding. Furthermore, we looked at some possible concerns and how to deal with them. Next to that, we explored combinations of activities such as parkour, skateboarding, sitting, bouldering, gardening, calisthenics, warming up for running, and many more. Another important subject was stimulating and enabling non-traceurs of any age, experience, ability, or background to play, move, explore, and experiment. Moreover, we debated how to involve citizens and local companies. Further topics were expanding and demonstrating support. We addressed funding and costs, too. While doing so, we elaborated on sponsorship and what Parkour Designs needs to know in order to estimate the costs.

Finally, Parkour Designs offered to help with the realization of the project beyond developing the design. They will provide support by expanding the support base. This may include assisting by realizing and setting up support-creating sessions in public and at schools. We discussed the strategic plan and developing promotional material, too. For further planning, Parkour Designs needs information about the timeline. Another important aspect to investigate is to which extent the renovation addresses the neighborhood and whether the project can be combined with these activities. Furthermore, they requested photos of the potential locations and the ‘Calisthenics & Freerun Park’ at the Nobelweg. This is necessary for determining the costs, developing a design, and working out a plan. Parkour Designs already estimated that each additional multifunctional space costs 20% of the first area.

More Information

The past three days, there has been more information received regarding the development of the parkour/movement park and the multifunctional spaces.

Berry Hellegering informed me that the project format of the local sports and exercise agreement should be adhered to in the strategy plan for the parkour/movement park and multifunctional spaces. The format with explanation can be found below.

Maarten Boele responded to an email from January 15, 2022. He stated that the strategy plan to be created has to be suitable for the subsidy amplifier application and shell cover how support for the parkour/movement park and multifunctional spaces is created. For the question about in how fare k3 will address the squares between the buildings that are under renovation, he referred to the municipality. The question of which areas can be developed was not answered. He suggested that the strategy plan includes different locations and implementations so that the working group can discuss them. Furthermore, Maarten Boele acknowledged that there is contact with Parkour Designs, and they can involve residents of the Nude in the design and execution. According to him, it is important to include this in the plan of approach as well as financing and programming options, as it is crucial for the Regiodeal application.

In a follow up e-mail, Maarten Boele reported that they will have a meeting with several professionals regarding the Regiodeal at the end of the month. A total of €400,000 can be requested, but he is unsure of how much has been allocated already. Then, in early March, there will be a meeting where residents can be present, and it is expected that a plan of approach for the parkour/movement park and multifunctional spaces will be presented. The different working groups will come together with residents between these two meetings, and Maarten Boele or Berry Hellegering will send invitations for this.

Furthermore, Henriette Tielens of the municipality forwarded the question about which areas can be developed and in how fare k3 will address the squares between the flats to Rudy de Jager, who is responsible for the Regiodeal.

R.I.P. Yellow Walls

Some of the best walls in Wageningen to practice parkour were the sets of two yellow walls at the flats along the Schaepmanstraat. Yesterday, a single wall was standing still. Because of this, there was a spontaneous goodbye session at 7.30 pm the same day. During this session, one participant did her first successful wall runs with climb-ups. Today, the municipality demolished the remaining yellow wall. According to the Woningstichting, this was because people used the space behind the walls as a “dump place” for waste.

The low walls were ideal for practicing several basic parkour vaults, motor mapping, stretching before and after running, and more. The high walls with a height of 194 cm and integrated stone containers were, among others, ideal for learning the wall run, (double) dips, climb up progressions, traversing, and drops. These walls allowed practicing different versions of cat leaps, too. At the crossing with the Troelstraweg, the high wall offered chimney challenges.

Now, it is impossible to practice many basic techniques in the Nude. Some techniques can even no longer be practiced throughout Wageningen. These concerns, among others, the climb-up progressions and wall run for children. For many basic vaults, publicly accessible private areas in another neighborhood have to be used. The removal means that moving has become more difficult in Wageningen and the Nude in particular. In addition, inspiring and helping children and others is now more difficult as spots for people of different sizes and skills are even further apart. Therefore, training together is often impossible.

R.I.P. Dash vault containers

Today, the Nude lost jet, another obstacle, the small glass dumpsters near the laundrette. These dumpsters were by no means great obstacles. However, they allowed for practicing the Dash vault in the Nude and that in relative proximity to other obstacles. With the dumpsters removed, one has to practice jet another technique elsewhere.

Brainstorm & planning evening coming up

Neighborhood company Nude Toekomst, the neighborhood, and several parties in the neighborhood want to create a pleasant and safe neighborhood with conviviality and plenty of space for meeting. One theme within the framework is ‘Organizing joint activities’. There are already several ideas. On Monday, February 21, from 7:00 PM to 8:00 PM there will be a meeting to collect further ideas and to jointly put actions/plans on paper. All residents are welcome to participate.

Brainstorm & planning evening

Both, the ideas of the parkour/movement park and the multifunctional spaces were well received and supported by all seven attendees. Together, some design ideas, such as high-five hands and drawn balance beams, came to the table. During the meeting, special attention was drawn to the elderly and the disabled. Some other ideas discussed are music lessons, activities for girls, and activities only for women.

Finally, we have agreed that the deadline for submitting the first version of the various action plans is Friday, March 4, at 9 am. Thereby, it was also announced that a different format for the action plan shell be used. The writing group wants to complete the first compilation of the proposals on Monday, March 7. Maarten Boele, Berry Hellegering, Maikel Geerlings and I have agreed to explore viable locations on Tuesday, March 1, at 3.15 pm.

New format for strategy plan received

Today, Berry Hellegering shared the new format for the action plan.

Meeting with Maarten Boele, Berry Hellegering, and Maikel Geerlings

During the meeting, it appeared that Maarten Boele, Berry Hellegering, and Maikel Geerlings had not yet delved into the strategic plan. Also, despite the information provided, they did not seem to be familiar with what parkour is, requires, and what it is about. For example, they seemed to believe that parkour is only for kids and is about flips. They also suggested Yalp and parks without walls. We could discuss a few things and create more clarity, nonetheless.

It turned up that the area along the ‘Troelstraweg’ is probably the only location for a park. The former industrial area is expected to be private property, meaning it cannot be used for the realization of a park. Van Wijnen will probably occupy the area between the ‘Groen van Prinstererstraat’ and ‘Kortestraat’ for a few more years because of the renovation work on the homes between Thorbeckestraat and Schaepmanstraat. Because of the limited space, a park along the ‘Troelstraweg’ denies developing an extensive movement park with provisions for different activities (survival, parkour, yoga, bouldering, etc.). The park has to be limited to a parkour park, possibly with some extras for other activities. Because of this, Maarten Boele or Berry Hellegering will soon check during a meeting with the municipality to be sure. They will also examine how far the area along the ‘Troelstraweg’ can be changed.

Maarten Boele and Berry Hellegering think that the plan for a movement park and multi-functional spaces is too big. They expect only one part (park or multi-functional space) and one location to be feasible. The reason for this is the size of the project and that, according to them, the spaces between the flats are not yet ready for development. They also mentioned the duration of the project. However, this could be remedied by a phased implementation. They do see an opportunity for multi-functional designs around the trees in front of the former Spar (now homes) at the Schaepmanstraat. For this, they would like to know the costs for the multi-functional designs of Parkour Designs. For the parkour park along the ‘Troelstraweg’, they suggested Yalp and walls of pipes with a plate at the top because this would be more beautiful and equally functional as a park developed by Parkour Designs. I refer to the update from December 26.

We also discussed organizing the previously mentioned sessions to increase support. It turned out that Sportservice Wageningen does not have equipment anymore. Therefore, they can no longer provide equipment for sessions. It also seems that the sessions cannot be organized in the community center. There is no option to store my equipment, either. Instead, I may be able to organize sessions in the sports hall “Het Binnenveld”. These could take place when the sports service already rents the location.

Sportservice Wageningen proposes Yalp instead of Parkour Designs

On March 2, Berry Hellegering referred by mail to the parks of Yalp, again. He suggested choosing a park from them. Today I let Berry Hellegering, Maarten Boele and Maikel Geerlings know why Parkour Designs is a better option than Yalp. I also provided information about parkour again. I emphasized the mental side and showed that parkour is of value for people at any age.

A point of criticism by the designs from Yalp is that they offer relatively few options regarding flow, techniques, etc. This limits the possibilities for different people and programming, too. The aim of making exercise accessible and stimulating people regardless of age, experience, ability, or background is therefore not being achieved. Different obstacles and placement can easily offer more opportunities not only for practicing parkour but also for other activities, including calisthenics.

In his email, Berry Hellegering stated the designs cost between €10,000 and €80,000, meaning that they may fit within the subsidy application. However, this is not cheaper than a park in collaboration with Parkour Designs. For example, the DASH Layout M1 costs €85,865 excl. VAT and anchoring. Anchoring costs an additional €750 excl. VAT. Together and including 21% VAT, the DASH Layout M1 costs €104,804.15, just as much as other parks. When calculating the usability value into the equation, Yalp’s design becomes even more expensive. The cheapest design (incl. realization) that Parkour Designs made cost 15k and the largest 100k. This includes design, material, management, and construction. As a result, the DASH Layout M1 costs just as much as the largest park that Parkour Designs has developed, while the design of Parkour Designs has more user value.

Parkour Designs is the design department of Parkour Generations, the world’s leading parkour organization. Among other things, Parkour Generations coaches parkour and offer the first and only certificates that were developed with the founders of Parkour, Freerunning, and ADD. They have designed parks and public spaces around the world, working with residents and local businesses. They also have experience in creating multifunctional spaces, collaborating with specialists from other sports. Their understanding of how design influences community building is excellent, too. Naturally, Parkour Designs can create an optically attractive design. They can make walls more sculptural, more like a public art installation, and they can be colored. Working with them ensures the best results for the parkour and exercise park - functional for many people, stimulating, pleasant, and fitting in the environment. 

Furthermore, I clarified that for the best results and value it is necessary to work with an excellent designer and, if necessary, arrange additional financing, similar to the skatepark. I also refer to the chapter on the financing of the project and referenced the updates about the park at the Nobelweg. I also indicated that other users of the park at the Nobelweg, such as the GoalTrainers, believe that the design leaves something to be desired.

Last but not least, I mentioned that I already work with Parkour Designs on the project. This I told Berry Hellegering and Maarten Boele previously.

New version of strategy plan

The strategy plan for the parkour/movement park and the multifunctional spaces has been updated, adjusted for the new form and send to Maarten Boele and Berry Hellegering.

Strategy plan updated

Some more updates have been made to the strategy plan and send to Maarten Boele and Berry Hellegering. The changes and additions compared to the previous version are highlighted. However, this version does not include all changes as the plan is continually updated. For the most recent version, I refer to the page about 'A cheerful and moving neighbourhood'.

Feedback on the first bundle of proposals and planning meeting

Today, the writing group for Wijkendeal Nude informed us that they discussed the first bundle of proposals on Thursday, March 31, along with representatives from the Province of Gelderland. The initial proposal bundle was well-received.

However, there is currently overlap in text and budget among the working groups. Therefore, the next step is to identify areas of overlap and determine where proposals can be merged or separated. Additionally, it has to be explored how to achieve sustainable implementation to ensure that the structure and processes continue to promote a pleasant, safe, clean, inspiring, and inclusive neighbourhood in the long term.

To achieve these goals, the writing group for Wijkendeal Nude has created a date picker for a meeting with the aim of reaching a shared Wijkendeal.

Date chosen and first bundle of the proposals received

Today, the date for the meeting mentioned in the previous update has been set. The meeting will take place on Friday, April 15, from 10:00 am to 12:00 pm.

In addition, I received the first bundle of proposals today that were discussed by the writing group of Wijkendeal Nude and representatives from the Province of Gelderland on March 31. It is noteworthy that the movement/ parkour park and multifunctional spaces are not mentioned under the heading 'creating meeting places,' but rather under 'organizing activities.' These facilities could fit well with the plans to create meeting places and bring people from different backgrounds together. The objective of the movement/ parkour park and multifunctional spaces is to bring together and connect people from different backgrounds.

The proposal includes €50,000 for the movement/parkour park and multifunctional spaces between the flats, which is more than a 50% reduction from the estimated cost of €100,000 in the last submitted plan from Karakour Nation as the cost of the multifunctional spaces and workshops has not yet been determined in the plan from Karakour Nation. The new plan estimates €100,000 for the redevelopment of the Groen van Prinsterer square and includes €5,000 for the garland of benches connecting the flats.

Another point of interest is that the proposal under the heading 'creating meeting places' includes the spaces between the flats and the square at Groen van Prinstererstraat. However, Berry Hellegering and Maikel Geerlings of Sportservice Wageningen indicated before that these areas cannot be renovated.

If these areas can be renovated, much more value can be created for residents. An extensive movement park with facilities for various activities (such as survival, parkour, yoga, bouldering, etc.) can be developed, as well as multifunctional spaces near the flats that extend the backyard where residents can work outside, have lunch together, move around during work breaks, children can play, garden, and more. These would significantly improve the quality of life for residents.

First information on the timeline and presentation board created

Karakour Nation has received an update from Berry Hellegering of Sportservice Wageningen. The working group about activities is set to meet again in a month's time, and the plan is to send the proposals to the province of Gelderland in July or August. The province will then assess the plans, and it's possible that partial funding will be granted by the end of the year. However, the submission of the plans does not guarantee approval. Once funding is secured, steps can be taken towards actual implementation, and the local municipality will play an important role in changes to the public outdoor space.

According to Berry Hellegering, the idea of a parkour/movement park that aligns with the wishes for the Groen van Prinsterer Square, where the focus is on movement for people of all ages and cultural meals to create meeting places for people from different backgrounds and cultures, has a better chance of success with the involvement and support of local residents and partners from the neighborhood. Therefore, he requested to build support.

In addition, Karakour Nation has designed a presentation board for better presentation and visualization of the idea. The focus of the presentation board is on the design for the space at the Groen van Prinstererstraat, as the chances for the realization of multifunctional spaces between the flats are considered small. The two bottom photos on the presentation board do show an idea for the small multifunctional  spaces between the buildings.

Received the knowledge card from the province via the municipality

Today, Karakour Nation received the recently released Knowledge Card from the province through the municipality with general information about the concept plan "Wijkendeal" (as the Dorpendeal in Wageningen is currently called). Rudy de Jager from the municipality also indicated that the current focus is on, among other things, the financing of the entire plan. Every euro invested in the plan can be subsidized by the province with an additional euro (up to a maximum of four hundred thousand euros). For further information on requirements, structure, and process, he referred to the contact person of the activities working group.

New version of plan and timeline received as well as signed SOK

Today, Karakour Nation received an update from Sylvia Sikkema regarding the Wijkendeal/ Dorpendeal and a new version of the subsidy application as well as the signed Cooperation Agreement (SOK) .

According to Sylvia Sikkema, discussions with the Province of Gelderland about the Wijkendeal are progressing well, and there is confidence that the project will receive funding. However, there is still a possibility that it may not succeed. With the Province of Gelderland, Rudy de Jager and Sylvia Sikkema, discussed the timeline. The timeline is considered very ambitious but achievable with the cooperation of all parties involved. Completing the Wijkendeal application in the short term is considered important to maintain the energy that exists in the Nude for implementation. The timeline is as followed:

  • Monday, May 30: Submition of the legal basis document for the Wijkendeal to the Municipality of Wageningen.
  • Tuesday, June 7:  Submition of a draft version of the Wijkendeal (including a solid financing plan) and an updated legal basis document to the Province of Gelderland. The province will discuss it with the subsidy department in the same week.
  • Tuesday, June 14: The Province of Gelderland will give feedback on the proposal to the Municipality of Wageningen. There will be the possibility to make adjustments and/or additions, for example, to the cost estimation part.
  • Week of June 20: Board consultation with the members of the SOK (Cooperation Agreement).
  • Week of June 27: Writing the advisory report for the Wijkendeal and formally request input from different municipal departments.
  • Ultimatly Thursday, July 5: Submition of the advisory report about the Wijkendeal for the council meeting on July 12.
  • Tuesday, July 12:  Council decision on the Wijkendeal. If the Wijkendeal is approved, the application can be submitted to the Province of Gelderland after it has been signed by the partners of the SOK and supported by "supportive/approving signatures from residents."
  • Wednesday, September 7 or 14: Celebratory moment for all parties involved in the Nude

This timeline means that there will be clarity about the Wijkendeal before or during the summer. As on June 7, a version with a solid financing plan will be presented to the Province, it is important that the costs of the movement park, multifunctional spaces, and workshops are approximately known and the plan regarding this subjects up to date.

The recived version of the subsidy application no longer includes parkour coaching, the movement park, and the multifunctional spaces between the flats as separate entities. Instead, parkour workshops are now part of the activities section and the Groen van Prinsterer square has a focus on movement, sports, and picnics. There is no cost estimate included in this version. Karakour Nation is working hard to create a new plan with an updated budget and adjusted to the new situation regarding the movement park, multifunctional spaces, and workshops for the subsidy application.

Karakour Nation also received the Cooperation Agreement (SOK) with a list of partners who have to approve the project in the Nude neighborhood and the agreements they made. Various projects are planned in the neighborhood, such as major maintenance, green renewal, and transitioning to sustainable energy. The partners of the SOK aim to use this to connect people, educate, and provide employment opportunities while making the neighborhood greener and tackling waste management to ultimately create a sustainable and pleasant neighborhood. In the Cooperation Agreement, the partners also discuss how to collaborate, which values they share, and how to ensure that these values are reflected in their cooperation and projects. The partners included in the SOK are Buurtbedrijf NuDe Toekomst, De Woningstichting, municipality Wageningen, Welzijn Solidez, Sportservice Wageningen, and OBS De Wereld.

New plan submitted

On the night of June 6th-7th, at 4:08 AM, Karakour Nation shared a new version of the plan for the subsidy application with the parties who will be submitting the application to the Gelderland province. The main outlines have been adjusted based on the changed situation regarding the location for the parkour/movement park and the pendelum of connection where the multifunctional spaces will fit. Additionally, the plan now includes adjustments for the square at OBS De Wereld. Under the heading "Partners & Costs," there is an estimate of the costs for the movement park, multifunctional spaces, square at OBS De Wereld, and programming. The exact details (design, activities, etc.) still need to be determined. The costs for the movement park at Groen van Prinsterer square are estimated at 100k, and the costs for the multifunctional spaces are estimated at 10k to 15k per square. In addition to this, there are costs for research, fundraising, administration, etc., as well as workshops that sports providers will give. Another cost item is replacing the tiles with artificial grass and creating a volleyball court at the square at OBS De Wereld. The accompanying map can be found at


Recived new version of dorpendeal and residents meeting coming up

Karakour Nation received a new version of the plan, dated 07-06-2022. The plan includes a budget of €775,500 for the Nude. This budget is partly covered by the municipality and province. The remaining funds have to be sourced through various means such as sponsorships, crowdfunding, donations in kind, and bottle deposit donations. Of the total budget, €100,000 has been allocated to the movement park and €10,000 is available for exercise and sports activities. This aligns with the estimated costs for the movement park at the Groen van Prinsterer square, excluding expenses for research, fundraising, sponsorships, administration, and so forth. In addition, approximately €67,000 can be earmarked for the "Pendulum of Connection" project if it includes the garland of benches (€5,000), waste bins (€3,000), and the informative, connecting, educational food route (€60,000). If the entire €67,000 can be used for the "Pendulum of Connection", 4 to 7 squares between the flats of 10 - 15k each can be developed. This allocation may change based on neighborhood support and other factors. It should be noted that the replacement of the tiles with artificial grass and the realization of a volleyball field at the square near OBS de Wereld is not included in the plan. The latest version of the Dorpendeal can be found below. To view a visual representation of the targeted areas and the current allocation of funds, as well as some requirements and wishes, please access the map visualisation.

There is also a residents meeting coming up. The meeting is scheduled for June 21st, from 5:00 pm to 8:00 pm, at the Community Center 'Huis van de Wijk'. It will be an open evening where the plans will be presented in a general overview on posters. The members of the working group will be available to provide explanations and answer any questions.

Thirdly, Karakour Nation has received responses to important questions from Sylvia Sikkema. The plan is continually being refined and developed at a general level. Currently, the focus is on addressing the questions for the decision-making process of the municipality and province. The more comprehensive implementation will occur after the approval of financial resources by the municipality and province, which is expected around October. As the municipality and province are funding a portion of the plan, additional sources of funding need to be secured. Efforts are already underway to attract additional sponsors and funds, which will continue even after the approval and allocation of financial resources by the municipality and province. Sylvia Sikkema has inquired if Karakour Nation is aware of any funds or sponsors for the Parkour/movement park component. One of the initial steps after approval will be the recruitment of a neighborhood booster. As the project progresses and concrete plans are developed, more residents will be invited to participate and contribute their ideas, ensuring a program that enjoys broad support and can thrive beyond the initial two-year period. The hiring of contractors such as designers and construction companies will be considered only after the concrete development of the idea in collaboration with residents and with the commitment of partners. Whenever possible, residents themselves will be involved in executing various aspects of the project.

Neighbourhood development plan approved and celebration

Great news! Karakour Nation has just received word that the municipality and province have approved their application for the neighbourhood development plan, and will be funding part of the project. The celebration for this achievement is scheduled for today. From 2 pm, there will be sports activities for children and a bouncy castle opposite the Huis van de Wijk de Nude, Kortestraat 2. Between 5 pm and 7 pm, Nuderijk, as the neighbourhood deal is now called, will open with music, snacks, and the Wheel of Fortune.

The next step is to appoint a neighbourhood booster who will collaborate with residents and other parties to further develop the plan. The booster will be responsible for coordinating, motivating, and supporting the residents to participate in the project. The plan needs to be completed within two years. Karakour Nation is thrilled about this progress and is looking forward to working with the neighbourhood booster and the community to bring this project to fruition!

During the celebration, many people, including individuals from the municipality and SOK, were very enthusiastic about the ideas of Karakour Nation and Parkour Designs for the movement park at 'Groen van Prinstererstraat'.

Concept design in development

Since September 7th, Parkour Designs and Karakour Nation have been working closely together on a concept design for the movement park at Groen van Prinstererstraat. We are thrilled to give you a sneak peek at what we are developing. We can't wait to share the concept design and show you what the park could look like once it's ready. Stay tuned!

Concept design completed and neighborhood booster appointed

We are thrilled to announce that the concept design for the movement park at Groen van Prinstererstraat is now complete! The design features a more efficient layout with smoother transitions between areas to promote interaction and connection between people while adhering to legal regulations. We have taken into account numerous wishes from the neighborhood deal 'Nuderijk' and incorporated them into the design, including alignment with the K3 design applied in the renovation of the homes, murals, options for diverse cultural meals, and increasing the amount of greenery while offering more opportunities for people to engage in sports activities, regardless of age, experience, ability, background, or financial situation. This design encourages residents to move, experiment, and play. It empowers them to do their favorite activities and offers something for everyone. Ultimately, the park contributes to a close-knit neighborhood where people can develop their full potential and promotes health.

To provide more information on how we incorporated the wishes from the neighborhood deal and the thoughts behind the design, we have developed a special webpage. As this is a concept, it can still be further adjusted once we are assigned to the project. We are excited to hear your thoughts and ideas on the design.

We also have another update. We are pleased to introduce the neighborhood booster, Marga Janse from Majas ConneXion. She is a connector, advisor, and trainer in Diversity and Inclusion, with the motto 'everyone participates'. With the neighborhood booster appointed, we are now moving to the next phase of the project, which involves shaping the plan in more detail and executing the neighborhood deal, 'Nuderijk'.



Meeting with neighborhood booster Marga Janse

Guido Bartels from Karakour Nation met with neighborhood booster Marga Janse to discuss the Nuderijk project. During the meeting, Guido Bartels presented the concept park design developed by Karakour Nation and Parkour Designs. The design includes a Movement & Fitness Area with features for parkour, calisthenics, and slacklining, as well as a Sportsgreen & picnic area for socializing, dancing, and yoga. The design also aims to improve the existing neighborhood greenary with Jeu de Baules, while adding more greenery to the park. Additionally, there is a natural play area for kids where parents can participate. The Pump track is another exciting feature of the design that can be used for walking, skating, and with wheelchairs, while also serving as a dynamic art piece. The various areas of the park are interconnected, allowing people with different interests to come together.

The goal of Karakour Nation and Marga Janse is to develop a design that meets the wishes of the residents, offers something for everyone, improves health and wellbeing, and has long-term value. To achieve this, we regard it as important to gather input from residents through various means such as community meetings, school events, and sports days. Marga Janse emphasised the importance of residents becoming familiar with new ideas. She suggested having a Sports Workshop Day on January 28 and a Culture Workshop Day on February 4 where people can get to know new activities and ideas. She also proposed setting up open evenings on the 18th and 25th of January about the squares to gather ideas and input from residents. She also planned a Lichtjesfeest for December 22. She also proposed involving the children's council to seek their advice and input. She also believes it is important for residents to contribute to the project themselves, for example by participating in the construction process, such as planting plants and creating murals.

The municipality wants to oversee and mediate part of the park, and they have expressed a desire for a low-maintenance design. As a result, Marga Janse has some concerns about expanding the neighborhood green. She emphasized the importance of including a playground in the design, which must comply with the Warenwetbesluit regulations for attraction and play equipment. Marga Janse also requested the possibility of setting up a tent for activities. In addition, she suggested incorporating familiar sports equipment that would allow people to train without the need for an instructor, making it accessible to everyone regardless of their financial situation. Karakour Nation proposed incorporating boards with example exercises to provide inspiration and explore new possibilities. Increasing the diversity of the park will prevent it from becoming monotonous over time and will increase its long-term value. Another concern of Marga Janse is the commercial use of the park, which could cause noise pollution. She is also worried about the presence of hanging youths who might create a nuisance and a sense of insecurity. Most of these aspects are already considered in the concept design or can be easily applied during the further development of the plan.

Guido Bartels also inquired about the timeline, progress, and steps for the project. Marga Janse provided several key points, such as the expected removal of the containers from Van Wijnen on the square by the end of May or beginning of June, after which construction can begin. She also mentioned that Berry Hellerering from the Sport Service is no longer involved, and that Justin Marks will take over his function. Furthermore, she explained that all plans and designs need to be approved by the partners of the SOK (Cooperation Agreement).

In a follow-up email, Karakour Nation shared the concept design for the movement park with Marga Janse and emphasized that the design can be modified and further developed with Parkour Designs based on residents' expressed wishes after the design assignment is given to Karakour Nation. Karakour Nation also offered to guide the development of the movement park and assured compliance with the Warenwetbesluit regulations for attraction and play equipment as well as other regulations. Unfortunately, Karakour Nation is unable to attend the evening meetings regarding the squares on the proposed dates. However, Karakour Nation is available to schedule workshops during the workshop days. Karakour Nation inquired whether further meetings were planned, which seems reasonable to allow residents to provide input after familiarizing themselves with various new activities. Karakour Nation also asked about the plan for the Lichtjesfeest on December 22 in relation to the village deal. Finally, it was mentioned that Haico from dance school Bransz is interested in contributing to Nuderijk.

Karakour Nation is currently processing the input from Marga Janse on the web page about the movement park in the Nude district. Any adjustments or further development of the concept design, as well as other activities such as meeting with residents and conducting workshops, will be carried out by Karakour Nation and Parkour Designs after the design assignment has been awarded.

Update from neighbourhood booster Marga Jansen

Upon inquiry, Karakour Nation received an update on the progress of the project from Marga Jansen. Unfortunately, her previous message had been lost due to technical issues. However, Marga Jansen informed Karakour Nation that she had been a bit too enthusiastic with the dates and planning and realized that the most crucial aspect right now is to engage in conversations with the residents. The aim is to form new working groups that will focus on the development of the squares and the dog field.

To achieve this, she has planned a series of events where residents can come together and share their thoughts. These meetings will be without any inspirational ideas or materials such as concept designs or visualizations. Since January 11th, she has started a Wednesday evening drop-in for games and discussions at the community center, and from tomorrow, she will connect the discussions with relevant topics to see what comes out of it. Additionally, Marga will be going door-to-door to invite more people to participate in the process.

Karakour Nation appreciates the update from Marga Jansen and encourages residents to actively participate in the conversation to shape the project. Karakour Nation looks forward to further information regarding the planned workshops and confirmation that Karakour Nation will have the opportunity to shape the movement park at Groen van Prinstererstraat in the Nude district in Wageningen.

Karakour Nation no longer involved in park design

Upon inquiring due to no updates on the park for several months, the neighbourhood booster informed Karakour Nation that she will not be using the services of Karakour Nation and Parkour Designs for the project. She asked Irma de Jager of Groendok, a garden designer, to create a sketch for the movement park at the Groen van Prinstererstraat, which will be discussed with residents on the evening of Wednesday, May 24th. As a result, Karakour Nation and Parkour Designs will no longer be contributing to the project. For future updates regarding the park, please follow Nuderijk on Facebook.