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Parkour Workshops at LEEFfestival 2022

The 38th edition of LEEFfestival 2022 in Wageningen was truly remarkable. It was free to attend and aimed to lower the barrier for cultural participation. This annual street theatre festival featured both professional and amateur performers who showcase their passions, hobbies, or talents on their own rugs. The festival also offers various acts and workshops for the visitors to enjoy. Some of the acts and workshops included breakdance, spoken word, musical instrument making, djembe, animation, and poi. Karakour Nation provided the well visited parkour/ freerunning workshops.

Karakour Nation set up a vault box and a precision trainer/ balance beam for the visitors to explore their parkour skills near the ‘Fly away, Love and Peace’ statue at the Grote Kerk. The visitors where actively invited to challenge themselves and discover their capabilities. Karakour Nation also challenged them to climb along part of the church wall. Many enthusiastic kids and youth joined and learned some parkour basics. Even some grown-ups and seniors joined the fun. The workshops where so well-visited that there was no time to take any photos. It was truly inspiring to witness them enjoying themselves while exploring movement and discovering their abilities.

Want to experience it for yourself? Join the interest list or come by at Play Parkour.

You can find more information about the LEEFfestival 2022 in the announcement in 'Stad Wageningen'.